Join the adventure as the villagers of Adentta strive to survive!

To Lose the Sun

Journeying deep into the forest, Jait, his sister Tymber, and their father, Pred, encounter a world only known through their forefather's legends. With everything to lose, the intrepid travelers face challenges that could decide the fate of their family and their village.

In his first novel, To Lose the Sun, author Don Luenser creates adventure, suspense, and a world with people easy to fall in love with.

As the story unfolds, the villagers on the planet Adentta are confused and look to Drel for the answers to the science that is not yet understood; however, convincing the villagers of what he believes is not easy. With the danger at hand, the Trelop family decides to change their lives forever. They put their fears aside and do what they must do to prepare To Lose the Sun.

The Caverns of Adentta

Adentta vibrated and shook as the intruding moon passed by at its closest point. The moon grew so enormous in the sky that all the crater edges on its surface were plainly visible; the craters and other formation on the moon formed a dark, sinister smile as it passed, too lcose to the planet.

In his second novel, The Caverns of Adentta, a sequel to To Lose the Sun, author Don Luenser continues the amazing tale of the people of Adentta.

Trapped on a dark, cold world, Drel, Pred, Jait, and his sister, Tymber, hope to insure the survival of the people of their village. Forced to flee the outside world for the safety of a vast network of underground caverns, the group searches for ways to meet the basic needs of the people. However, they find that they are not alone in The Caverns of Adentta.. As well as the many creatures--both dangerous and docile--that seek shelter in the caves, another village has also been forced to attempt survival in the caverns. Joining forces with these newcomers would certainly increase the chance for survival, but are they friendly? Caution must reign when the fate of the village is in the balance.

Jait's Map
Map of Vallend

Our Only Other Chance

Escaped from the surface of a planet that had lost its sun and moved to the depths of the planet's underground caverns, the villagers of Adentta attempt to survive with little more than their resourceful imagination.

In his third novel, Our Only Other Chance, the third and final book in the To Lose the Sun trilogy, Don Luenser continued his amazing story of the people of Adentta.

As time goes by, the food and other resources grow thin and the villagers must explore and adapt to the only world they have, the intricate series of underground caverns. Jait, and his sister Tymber, search the unexplored caverns for growing chambers needed for survival, while Drel, the village Keeper, searches for answers that explains what has happened to their planet. Without the sun, there are no days or nights and they seemed trapped in time without much of a chance to escape, except one, and according to Drel, "It's Our Only Other Chance."